Here’s what’s new in your Qatalog work hub.
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Hema here from Qatalog.

A fun part of my job is to keep you posted with the latest and freshest Qatalog features — so you can make the most out of your new work hub.

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And now for the updates. Here’s what’s new in your work hub this month.

Your new dashboard

Keeping up with projects, goals, and initiatives across teams and tools can be quite an undertaking. Your Qatalog dashboard is your new homepage for work.

  • Pin all your projects, goals, meetings, and tasks from each of your tools
  • See everything updated dynamically without switching between tabs

Bring the pieces together and center your day.

Pin your work

OKRs straight in Qatalog

Are your goals getting lost in spreadsheets? Or maybe they’re siloed in tools that not everyone uses?

Well, we’ve built the last OKRs product you’ll ever need. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and clunky goals tools.

  • Create individual, team, or company goals, with as many key results as you’d like
  • Pick your metric and due date, and assign it to yourself or your coworkers
  • Link your goals to projects, teams, and important resources

All from one place — your work hub.

Set a goal

Threads, always in context

If navigating feedback means endlessly scrolling through messaging channels, emails, or comments in docs, then you’ll want to check out threads.

  • Create threads within your goals and projects and keep them in context
  • Mark them as discussions, decisions, feedback, or requests
  • Set resolution dates and tag team members along the way
  • Store a record of all your decisions and discussions that's accessible and searchable across the company

For once, asking for feedback, as well as sharing it, just got easy.

Jump to the "Threads" tab of your projects to get going.

Create a thread

What’s next

We’re working hard to remove the millions of tiny friction points you experience at work to make room for deep work and creativity — one step at a time.

Some of the things we’re working on next:

  • A weekly digest to give you a personalized look into what’s happening across your org
  • Integration with to enable search across all your projects and tasks. Check out our existing integrations here.

Stay tuned!

Hema at Qatalog